How To Optimize Supply Chain Performance With Customized Benchmarking

Posted on February 15, 2018


Across the C-suite, executives must keep one eye trained to top-line growth and the other to bottom-line improvements. For Supply Chain leaders, this balancing act is even more critical, as organizations increasingly look to the Supply Chain function as both a traditional driver of cost savings and a non-traditional revenue contributor. To have a Supply Chain functioning at its best, organizations need to have the best insights. Venetia Partners provides those insights through its unique assessment tool: Integrated Business Outcomes™ (IBO).

Venetia Partners has consolidated its significant industry experience, operating practice and performance improvement insights into the IBO Assessment, a customized approach to benchmarking. The IBO Assessment helps companies quickly identify the specific operating capabilities that must mature to maximize Economic Spread and improve Integrated Business Execution (IBE). As organizations use the IBO Assessment to hone in on the things that are most fundamental to the business, an IBE reset can drive sustainable, desired outcomes.


Venetia Partner’s IBO Assessment

Venetia Partners’ IBO delivers a comprehensive approach to the delivery of outcomes across the following areas:

  • Revenue Growth
  • COGS and SG&A Alignment
  • Cash-Conversion-Cycle (DIO+DSO-DPO)
  • Business Optimization –mix-margin, debottlenecking, etc.

With an eye toward optimization at both the top and bottom lines, Venetia Partners’ IBO is the tool that organizations need to maximize their Supply Chain’s performance.


Supply Chain Maturity